Annual Convention 2016

COFP Annual Convention 2016

Planner Visit (PV)

Where do you get your business ideas from? Or where can you get a thought validated?

One established way would be to learn from your peers. And the opportunity presents itself through the COFP India Annual Convention 2016.

We have brought together financial planners from different cities of India to showcase their business models. To ensure no logistical nightmares, they will be there at one venue, the Vivanta by Taj Hotel on MG Road, Bengaluru.

Listen to what your industry colleagues have to share about what has worked for them and why; What hasn’t and the lessons learnt: so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We have also provided an environment where you can discuss the relevance of the ideas you heard among fellow attendees, including international delegates, over a leisurely cup of coffee and lunch.

Spend the day amidst the company of financial planners from India and abroad to understand how they have structured their practices and how they adopt some of the best practices to their profession/ business.

Conference Agenda