Annual Convention 2018

COFP Annual Convention 2018

COFP India Retreat 2018 –

Given the positive feedback we received so far, this year too Council of Financial Planners is back again with its 5th annual event –COFP India Retreat 2018. The Sessions will help you gain deeper insights into topic at hand, fewer speakers with greater engagement with the audience, greater networking opportunities with fellow advisors are some of things that we doing differently this time. Moreover, you could do yoga with your friends or take a dip in the pool or have meaningful conversations with them “under the tap”. Keeping this is mind, the main theme of Retreat 2018 is-

“Practice made perfect”

We consciously seek innovation to survive and thrive better. With new business models emerging every other day, increase in product and technology innovations and dynamic regulatory framework, there is merit in evaluating the possible synergies in the financial services space. Also, seeking to perfect our business models and practices can help us improve our productivity.

Dear Members,

After a massive success of the last edition of COFP India retreat 2018, guess whose back….?? Back again…?, we are back with India’s niche’s Knowledge Sharing platform for Financial Advisors. We encourage you to attend or nominate your team members.

Following are details :

Allocation: Client’s investment management is ever evolving, independence of allocation is becoming possible, and future-minded advisors are looking for ways to run their businesses more efficiently & effectively. We have a dedicated workshop which takes the attendees through past, present & looks at future of wealth allocation.

Practice management: The ultimate goal of wealth managers is to see that their team runs at an optimum level so that it enables more time on client and their needs and less time on the processes that should be running quietly & smoothly in the background. We have a dedicated workshop which takes the attendees through design thinking, helping put structures & nudges in their firm, which will help them to take their practice to the next level.

Date & Venue

Date: 11 July-13 July 2019

Venue: Windflower Prakruthi Resort & Spa