COFP - The Organization

The Council of Financial Planners (COFP) is a Not-For-Profit Society registered with Registrar of Societies, Bengaluru, under The Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960, with registration number DRB/SOR/235/13-14. Any individual, who is above 18 years, and has completed all modules of CFPCM Certification from Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) can become a member of the Council, subject to other terms and conditions. Know More


Thought leadership in Personal Finance through collaboration, education and empowerment of all stakeholders. 


Harness the strengths, experience and diversity of recognized Certified Professionals in Personal Finance to achieve Financial Literacy. 

Broad Objectives

How Can COFP Help You? 

COFP members have a diverse background and experiences in their education and profession, and may be associated with many areas of personal finance such as selling or distributing financial products, providing services such as financial planning or investment advisory or training or many being employees of reputable organizations in the vast financial services industry such as but not limited to Banking, Insurance, Stock Brokerage, Wealth Management, Distribution Organizations and many others. The common thread that binds all of them is CFPCM certification and a passion do the best in whichever field or area they have chosen for themselves. 

While each member takes care of regulatory and all other compliance requirements pertaining to their employment, profession or business themselves and COFP is in no way is responsible for such matters, COFP provides the individual members a platform to interact with each other and with other stakeholders in the financial services industry, academia and research organizations, and exchange the ideas and keep learning from a shared knowledge. 

A Brief Intro to COFP

Why People Love COFP...

COFP has always been regarded as a knowledge centered platform bringing the top financial planners in the country together. Their relentless efforts over the years in spreading financial literacy amongst its members and investors is commendable.

The complete orientation displayed towards imparting and sharing of knowledge to all the stakeholders in the Industry is really commendable.

COFP's commitment to professional Financial Planning and Investment Advisory has always impressed me. The sense of purpose and honesty in approach is evident in the way it's members conduct themselves. The constant aspiration to be professionally better, more knowledgeable yet more accessible is indeed a mark of excellence.

COFP  is a very active organisation working relentlessly for  its members to scale very high in managing their fiduciary responsibility. Though I was CFP Certified a decade ago, I became a complete & responsible Financial Planner only because of COFP. The organisation has taken social responsibility as a high priority.