Membership Eligibility

Following persons are eligible to become members of COFP

Membership Categories

There are 3 categories of membership:

1. Professional Member: those having valid CFP certification issued by Financial Planning Standards Board.                                         

2. Associate Member: Member who fulfill any of the following criteria is eligible to become Associate Member:

a.       Those who have   or

b.      Has cleared final module of CFP but not qualified for CFP certification or

c.       Those who have not renewed the certification with FPSB or 

d.      Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) or 

e.       A member having professional certification in personal finance, like CFA, CWM, NISM-Investment Advisor Level 1 & 2 and related certification, as approved by Executive Committee.

3. Affiliate Member: Members who are not eligible to become a Professional and Associate member.

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Membership Fee & Voting Rights

Every member shall pay a one-time non-refundable registration fee of Rs. 100/- at the time of joining the Council.

Annual Fee: Member shall pay an annual subscription fee as decided by the Executive Committee from time to time. The present Annual Subscription Fee is :

Only Professional and Associate members shall have voting rights.

Member Benefits

There are many benefits of COFP membership; here are few important ones to highlight

Member Testimonials

What Our Existing Members Feel...

Being a COFP member has been the most advantageous for me both professionally and personally. With the added boon of accumulating of points for renewal of CFP certification, one can also update, enhance their financial knowledge plus practice and get to hear and interact with the industry icons. 

The learning of finest technical aspects through monthly sessions and the overall learning from annual events and daily learnings through whatsapp updates and infocentric messages and clarity and clarifications provided by seniors and experts on ambiguous aspects and doubts have accelerated my learning and I could positively impact many lives through these learnings.