COFP Conducts Knowledge Sharing Sessions every month. These sessions will be usually held on 2nd wednesday of every month. Expert speakers on variety of subjects and domains of Personal Finance, Financial Planning, Investment Management, Economics, Finance, Taxation, Regulations etc will enlighten the audience with their rich knowledge gained from vast experience. These sessions are open to all the members and non-members.

These sessions are complementary benefit to the COFP members and few sessions will be exclusive to members only; whereas, non-members register on payment of pre-determined specific fees for each session.

All attendees get attendance certificate for the sessions. These session are recognized under FPSB's Continuous Professional Development Program and CFP Professionals attending these sessions are eligible for CPD points (usually 2 per session).

Recorded Videos of the monthly knowledge session will be sessions will be available on digital format also. Members can access them from anywhere using the link provided and CFP Professionals can earn CPD Points also by watching these videos and answering a brief online quiz related to the video.

COFP organize Financial literacy programs through the brand ‘Arthapragna’. Meaning of Arthapragna in English is Financial Awareness. It is a series of Financial Awareness Programs for consumers / general public. Team of trained Volunteers conduct these program in a standardized format.

COFP Team has already conducted numerous Artha Pragna programs for Corporates, SME's, Educational Institutes, and many other formal / informal organizations. These programs are conducted independently by COFP as well as as sponsored events on behalf of organizations or professionals for the benefit of their target audience.

Inquire for having an Artha Pragna event scheduled at your organization / target audience / perspective or existing clients